Smart Dog

Let's meet the top dogs at SmartDog and learn a bit more about how we can help you build a better business.
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Doug Jacobs

Doug is President of the SmartDog Group and previously had owned and operated SignTech Wholesale for over 20 years.

He has vast experience in the sign and printing industry, and is happy to help you with any of your signage needs.
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Kathy Jacobs

Kathy is Vice President of the SmartDog Group, and previously was HR director, and accountant at SignTech Wholesale.
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Turbo is a 2 year old Silver Labrador. He was born on 1/1/17, and joined the family on 2/14/17.

Turbo likes long walks in the park, a quick dip in the pool, chasing birds, and catching moles and other creatures.
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Nitro is 1 year old Champagne Labrador. He is Turbo's half brother. He was born on 2/14/18, and joined the family on 4/1/18.

Nitro likes stealing and hiding socks, wind blowing through his hair on car rides, and tormenting his older brother.
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